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Welcome to Aquitaine, a complete solution for business and corporate projects.


What’s your Web & Mobile App idea? Sometimes it takes more than just technical skills make it work.

We love what we do, and each day we bring all of our creative energy to work – building web and mobile applications that help our clients meet their goals. We’ve honed our process over the years, demonstrating value early and often, using agile practices to deliver what is needed, and omit what is not.

Meet the Team

Not just computer geeks; we’re also travelers, wine drinkers, bike mechanics, musicians, soccer players, film buffs, and, of course, active business people.


Our clients are still our fans.


About Appcentrix

Since 2011, Appcentrix has designed and built web sites, web applications, iPhone apps, and system integrations for entrepreneurs, mature businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations.

Value based development.

We’ve worked hard to shape a culture that produces great results for our clients, by keeping things flexible, collaborative, and focused on delivering the highest value work first. We offer thoughtful, realistic and valuable options to our clients, not pie in the sky dreams that won’t deliver benefits.

Agile, open source culture.

Much of our cultural growth over the past few years comes from the research into, and implementation of Agile practices in creating software. We’ve embraced Agile Software Development techniques, and regularly revisit our processes to refine and improve.

We like to use Python as a web development framework because it offers superior testing and debugging tools, deployment management, extensive and growing libraries of open source code, as well as proven measures to maintain high security on your website and applications.

Our Services

In a nutshell, we help organisations build and grow their business online by providing strategic guidance, design, mobile + web application development, and ongoing support and hosting.

Strategy & Design

  • Business Canvas

    Problem validation; Customer Segments; Unique Value Proposition

  • User Experience Design

    We design UX to highlight your product’s unique value proposition

  • Interface Design

    Making interactions simple, efficient and brand sensitive

  • Analytics

    Conversion Strategy, Measuring success, SEO

Our bag of tricks

Depending on the project and your abilities, we can take an advisory role in strategy and development or do all the heavy lifting. In all cases, our attention to detail and obsession over quality ensures a great result.

Mobile + Web Dev

  • Mobile app development

    iOS, Android, Blackberry and mobile web.

  • Web application development

    Planning and building an application that is tailored to your business goals.

  • Content management systems

    Simple online tools that allow you to manage the text, images, videos, and pages, on your website.

  • E-commerce systems

    Online storefronts, product and inventory management tools, payment gateways, and merchant accounts.

Support & Hosting

  • Hosting

    Scalable, well-priced, reliable hosting options for your apps.

  • Application & Server Admin Support

    On demand application and server support

  • Infrastructure Support Tools

    Server monitoring; daily backups; recovery systems

  • Training

    We’ll train your dev team to support your app after we’ve built it

How We Do It

Appcentrix works using Agile methodologies. Agile separates each project into short, discrete ‘sprints’ of work that allow for frequent feedback and modification. In short, you get results early, we get feedback early and any unforeseen changes are smoothly integrated into the final result.

For entrepreneurs, we’re an ideal consulting partner. We’ve worked with dozens of successful entrepreneurs and start ups, and have earned our stripes in the trenches. We’re well versed in the Lean startup movement, and can work with you to get the most out of your idea. In the past, we’ve acted as a technical partner to help secure early funding, and we’ve worked with clients to develop nascent ideas into full-fledged business plans.


First, we get together to talk about your overall business goals. Every project has various business goals – some explicit, some implicit. This discovery process allows us to define the primary goals of the project and get to know each other a bit better.

Armed with a strong understanding of your goals, we run an afternoon workshop – brainstorming and researching ways to deliver the greatest value and meet your goals. We identify the technical and content features of the project and we allow you to rank the ones that are most important. This forms the foundation of our Agile sprints and future collaboration.

Let’s have a coffee

Got a great project in mind? We’d love to hear about it. Give us a call and let’s grab a coffee.

Tel: +61 2 9011 5678

APPCENTRIX – Sydney, Australia